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Missing 20-year-old found hanged in Kaduna


Abel Fada, 20, had been missing since Friday 25th January. On Tuesday 28th, his corpse was found hanging on a Mango tree in a nearby bush close to Mando electricity distribution centre in Kaduna. He is believed to have committed suicide.

Fada’s remains were not badly rotten yet even though they had started oozing some intolerable smell. He was found hanging steady on the green rope he is believed to have used for the operation with eyes glasses, wrist watch, shoes, a pair of jean and blue T-shirt still defining him.

Fada’s theatre was not far away from the main road, so on hearing the news, hundreds of local residents and passersby rushed to watch in spite of the bad stink.

His uncle, Dominic Apolo, said Abel who was an orphan had been reported missing since Friday last.

Apolo further said: “He is my senior Brother’s son (nephew). Both the father and the mother are dead. He has been complaining that he does not sleep. I kept asking him the cause of his sleeplessness. I asked him ‘do you belong to any society; why can’t you sleep? If you have any problem kindly tell me, I will solve it for you, but he said there was no problem.’

“He just finished his secondary school and was undergoing computer training. But last week, he told me he was sick, and after I treated him, he told me that he was resuming at the computer training Institute. Since that day, we have been looking for Abel.

“We are from Edo State so we thought he ran home since my sister gave him money on that Friday before she left for Abuja.

“When my sister came back, everywhere was locked. In fact even now, some of the doors are still locked. She called his phone severally but there was no answer. So she asked a carpenter to destroy some of the doors so that she could enter the house. After that she reported to the police.

The Mando Police Division confirmed  that the family had earlier reported that their Son, Abel, was missing.

The divisional officer who spoke to our correspondent said: “A woman came to the station and reported that one of her sons had locked the entire house and was nowhere to be found; that they had called his number several times but no one picked the phone. So she called a carpenter to break the door.

“They reported the matter to me at about 6pm on Saturday and I asked them to go back home while we continued with our investigations.

“So, today, (Yesterday) I had some people saying that they saw a dead body hanging in the bush and I asked them to take me to the place.

“I took the passport they gave me about the missing boy and I noticed he was the same person. So, I called the family and they confirmed that he is the one they have been looking for.”

Spokesman of the Kaduna State Police Command, Aminu Lawan, confirmed the incident, saying that the police had commenced investigation to uncover the mystery behind the death.

It would be recalled that on 25th December last year, 17-years-old Christiana Silas, killed herself with a lethal dose of insecticide in Romi, Kaduna, after she was found in a boy’s room at night.

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