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Comprehensive Secondary School, Inyi, Enugu-Ezike viciously attacked by Rainstorm


On 8th March, 2013, there was rainfall accompanied by heavy storm that adversely affected two classroom and laboratory blocks of Comprehensive Secondary School, Inyi, Enugu-Ezike in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State of Nigeria. Equally, the storm wrecked havoc on the roof of  the four- room toilet block located at the back of the school compound.



The roofs of the affected blocks were blown off by the rainstorm and scattered around the nearby farms surrounding the school compound. The affected classrooms include that of JS 1, JS2 (A-C), Laboratory block and Toilet block.  The equipment items in the laboratory were mercilessly touched by the rain.  Books kept by the students in their lockers were destroyed as well. A visit to the school showed students wearing gloomy faces as they tried to salvage their personal effects soaked in the already flooded floor of their classrooms.



Comprehensive Secondary School, Inyi, Enugu-Ezike was built through communal efforts of the community members.  A visit around the community showed dejection and hopelessness by the people who just wonder where to start the reroofing process and procurement of the damaged equipment in the laboratory.  This is an indication that if something is not done quickly from outside, the school may further deteriorate as the rainy season is fast approaching.  Another sad side to it that students in the affected blocks may stay at home for now until something is done to repair the damaged blocks.



Who will bell the cat? The eldest man (Onyishi) of the community, Agu Ogbonna Eze when contacted said “ tell them at Enugu about what befell us”.  The old man has the belief and conviction that the Post Primary Schools’ Management Board, Enugu will do something about it.  On his part, the Traditional Ruler of the Community, Igwe Hyacinth Alumona appealed to the government, donor agencies and well meaning individuals to come to their rescue as they can do nothing on their own now without external aid.

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