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Isa Umar, a peasant Fulani from Tafawa Balewa Local Government area of Bauchi State, is in deep pains. His wife, Fatsuma Isa, 30, a mother of four, died recently after she was allegedly raped in front of her two children.

Isa is appealing to the police and relevant authorities to bring the man who allegedly raped his wife to justice.

Isa’s case is pathetic. His wife suffered huge psychological trauma after she was sexually assaulted. Last month, a few weeks after the incident, she died. But before her death, her entire world had crashed, falling apart the day the rapist defiled her. “I feel ashamed of myself because he has tarnished my name and reputation,” she had told newsmen shortly after being discharged from the hospital.

“People will look at me as a wayward woman. Now, people will think of me as an irresponsible woman, even though I knew no man except my husband. I feel very sad.” Fatsuma was pregnant at the time she was allegedly attacked and raped by a local commercial motorcyclist. Worst still, the pregnant woman was reportedly raped in front of her two little children.

And to make her case very pathetic, she subsequently experienced miscarriage. The incident has no doubt brought untold sorrow to Isa’s family even as his wife’s untimely death compounded the situation. He believes that allowing the man who defiled his wife to walk free in the society would be the greatest injustice the system would do to his family.

The 35-year-old Isa and the Bauchi State Officer of the Legal aid Council office of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, Barrister Zubayr Hanbali are therefore pleading with the police to properly investigate the matter. They want the alleged rapist, simply identified as Auwalu, to be arrested and brought to book.

Recounting the ordeal of the family, Isa alleged that he asked Auwalu, a commercial motorcyclist in their village to take his wife to another village. According to the distraught man, both parties agreed on the fare. Auwalu kicked his motorcycle, and Isa’s wife and children mounted the back seat.

But Isa said he never knew that Auwalu had evil plans. He said that the suspect allegedly diverted in to the bush in Ball village in Tafawa Balewa Local Government Area where he raped his wife.

The woman’s plea that she was pregnant fell on deaf ears as Auwalu savagely raped her. Isa could not control the tears, as he broke down while narrating the heart-breaking story. He alleged that Auwalu stabbed Fatsuma with a knife and threatened to kill her if she did not cooperate.

Auwalu then raped her in front of her two small children who were three and six respectively. “I feel very sad over what he did to my wife and I intend to see that he does not go unpunished,” Isa said.

Shortly before her death, Fatsuma had, in emotion-laden voice, narrated her ordeal in the hands of her alleged rapist before her death. She said she lost her five-month pregnancy and almost died following the incident.

The Fulani woman said that Auwalu had carried three of them on his motorcycle as she said goodbye to husband that fateful day. The mother of four said they were heading for Bakala in Brugga, Tafawa Balewa Local Government area of the state. Fatsuma said that as they proceeded on the journey they were oblivious of the evil ahead.

She said that they did not know that other things were going through Auwalu’s head as the children spoke excitedly while the journey proceeded. She said they were moving through the rough, deserted road on that quiet afternoon when Auwalu suddenly pulled over.

Fatsuma said: “When we got to the bush, he diverted from the road and stopped the machine and said that he had a flat tyre and asked us to come down. “I came down with my children and then he told me that he wanted to have sex with me.

I said, no way, I couldn’t do it. I said I am a married woman and I am pregnant. But he threatened that if I did not do it, he would kill me. So he held me and wrestled me to the ground.

He cut my left hand with a knife and slapped me hard on my face before he raped me right in front of my children. “When he finished he did not take me to Bakala. He did not collect the N300 fare we agreed on and left after raping me. I had a miscarriage and my husband rushed me to the hospital where I received 10 drips.

“My husband was very angry. I feel ashamed of myself because he has tarnished my name and my reputation. People will look at me as a wayward woman. Now people will think of me as an irresponsible woman. I knew no man except my husband. I feel very sad.”

Fatsuma’s husband said he was devastated even as he noted that his wife died of frustration. Isa said he took her to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Teaching Hospital where she was admitted for over two weeks.

“But she was never the same person again. She was deeply hurt by the incident and she eventually died. “Auwalu is someone I know. I feel very sad over what he did to my wife and I intend to see that he does not go unpunished. “I sent people to ask him if I ever offended him to the extent that he could carry out such an evil thing on my family. He sent back that I did not offend him in anyway.

He said he was sorry but that he did not rape my wife. I said no way. I don’t accept his apology.” Isa, who said there were several attempts by Auwalu’s family to settle the issue out of court, informed that he rebuffed such entreaties because he felt justice has to be done to ensure that Aulwalu is punished for his crime.

He said: “They pledged to give me N40, 000 to settle the matter which I didn’t agree to. I reported the matter at the Police Divisional Office. The officer in Charge of Bununu and the DPO said since Auwalu did not confess before them, it would be difficult for them to prosecute him. “But he confessed during their meeting with our local head and our local head said since I didn’t agree with his settlement then I could go to wherever I could get justice.

That was why I reported the matter to the Legal Aid Council. “I want justice. I am calling on the governor of the state, Mallam Isa Yuguda, to ensure that justice is done. Because Auwalu is even boasting that I am just a poor man, that there is nothing I can do. I want justice.” The State Officer of the Legal Aid Council, Hanbali Azzubayr said the organisation does not prosecute. “But we raise alarm.

That was the reason we decided to help him to appeal to the relevant authorities and women related organisation to help the family to get justice,” he said. Hanbali said he was shocked to receive the news of Fatsuma’s death, describing it as sad. When contacted, the Police Public Relation Officer of the Bauchi State Police Command, Hassan Mohammed Auyo, said he was not aware of the incident. He promised, however, to conduct an investigation.

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