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Okorocha seeks repeal of abortion law


Imo State Governor, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, yesterday succumbed to pressure by repealing the Abortion Law which was secretly passed by the House of Assembly last year. The governor, who signed the bill into law, apologised to the churches, directed the lawmakers to delete the offensive aspect of the law that goes against the wishes of the people, particularly the Christian’s faith. The governor, who summoned the House for an emergency sitting yesterday at Ikemba Odumegwu-Ojukwu Convention Centre, asked the churches for forgiveness for the misinterpretation of that aspect of the law.

He said that having adopted many hapless children more than anybody in the country and indeed, Africa, it would be wrong for him to assent to a law that would be injurious to the lives of children, both born and unborn. “That’s why I have appealed to the House to reconsider that aspect of the law which has gone against Christian faith. I care for children more than anyone else.”

The governor, however, said there was nothing obnoxious about the law, but he expressed fear that some people might retreat in future to commit more crimes, particularly the aspect that touches on incest and rape.

Governor Okorocha told reporters that he was neither intimated nor coerced into signing the bill into law, adding that if he had withdrawn his assent and the House insisted on passing it , they would have done so at the expiration of 90 days allowed by the constitution.

He said, however, that since the church had said it was totally against the law, “I have appealed to the House to repeal that aspect.”

The governor explained that when the bill was sent to him for assent, he was encouraged to sign the document, because he is against any form of violence against women and for “the love I have for children.”

Responding, the retired Anglican Bishop of Mbaise Diocese, Most Rev. Bright Ogu, described the governor’s action as a clear demonstration of his sensitivity to the feeling of the masses which governance was all about.

The House has, however, adjourned sitting to next Tuesday when it is expected to deliberate on the governor’s request to repeal the law.

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