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Igboeze North/Udenu Federal Constituency


Few days back, I was doing what I cherish doing recurrently; going to and fro the internet and I stumbled upon an article titled “Igboeze North/Udenu Federal Constituency: The Battle Ahead”. I was to say the least fascinated and charmed for three obvious reasons:

  1. I am from Igboeze North Local Government Area
  2. The discourse is a topical and contemporary issue; and
  3. I know all the charismas named in the article.

 I must commend the writer for doing a wonderful job.  In my opinion, to the best of his ability; he was not predisposed in his analysis of the characters.  If he made any mistake, it was the mistake of the mind and not of the heart.

 To add voice to his, I go as follows:

 Dr Sally Adukwu Bolunjoko.

Dr. Bolunjoko ranks in the class of late Dr. Dora Akunyili, Dizeani Alison Madueke, Josephine Anine and a host of others. There is no doubt she is a good material when you talk of effective and efficient representation.  She is well connected in the real sense of it.    

Though an Anglican, she relates well with other denominations and I am sure of the Catholic Church.  I do not subscribe to the idea that she is not thinking home.  After all she is the brain behind the proposed South East University.   

That she is married to an Okene man in Kogi state and will inevitably share what belongs  to  Igboeze north/Udenu with Okenes if elected may not be an issue. Is Mrs. Alison Madueke not from Bayelsa State and married to an Enugu State man? To me, that is an added advantage to her chances of clinching that position  

Hon Chijioke Ugwu

Mr. Chijioke Ugwu  served as the Chairman of Igbo Eze North Local Government from 2007-2011 .  That position must have exposed him to the rudiments of what it takes to be and remain in power and this is a good opportunity for him to showcase his experience.  He performed creditably well within his ability during his tenure not minding that he did not complete some of his projects before his tenure elapsed.

I totally disagree that his pocket is lean when compared with other money bags in the race.  He may not be the richest but he must not be adjudged as a poor man.  He will put up a good fight when the time comes. 

Engr Simon Atigwe

Engr. Simon Atigwe is the General Manager, Enugu State Rural Electrification Board and since he assumed that position, he had given a good account of himself. Just take a trip to some selected communities of your choice and you will see and hear things for yourself.

 He is a household name and there is hardly any community in Enugu State let alone Enugu North Zone he has not heartened with his rural electrification assignments.

 He served as a town planning engineer in Udenu Local Government Area and one may not be wrong to say that he is a  perfect bridge between Udenu and Igbo Eze North Local Government Areas. 

 We are in a new dispensation and we are talking of credible representation. We will look for the person who will deliver and from the way Engr Atigwe goes about his rural electrification duties, one can rightly conclude that he is not selfish and he is not greedy.

 I agree with  analysts that the fear of the name “Atigwe ” is the beginning of wisdom while playing politics in  Igbo Eze North. They are as rich as they are popular.

It is even wrong for one to conclude that his chances could be threaded with the fact that two people from his country home of Aji have occupied that position in the past. Was that not in the old order? In the new arrangement, only Ambassador Fidel Ayogu has been there and there is no way it affects Engr. Atigwe who is from the Umunano clan.

Hon Mike Onyeze

Hon Mike Onyeze as far as Enugu State House of Assembly is concerned is in the first eleven. He is not only intelligent but applies human face in all his dealings.  Coming to credible representation, his performance is superb and I personally wish him luck.  

Engr Ifeanyi Eze

Lord Ezetech is a gifted child right from his secondary school days.  He will go places if he invests his energy at least for now in science and technology.  He is kind hearted and relates well with anyone who comes his way.  How I wish he takes more time to study the game of politics.   Like others, he stands a good chance.

Prince Dr Emeka Mama

IDE has the financial muscle to vie for and win any position of his choice.  What he needs now is a synergy of finance and other required components and the sky would be his limit.  He stands a very good chance if he takes time to put his machinery in the right perspective.

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