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8/30/2012 3:14:46 PM - Austin Alumona,

Ken, this is amazing. This is indeed an avenue for the government-forgotten-people of Inyi Enugu-Ezike to interact and share; and indeed cry out to the world for the likes of Inwelle study and resource centre to come to our rescue. Truly, Ken Iam greatly impressed at your show of interest and support in matters affecting Inyi as a people. Inyi, no doubt has come from a past too painful to recall, but Iam happy that we have crossed the rubicon and have come to an amazing newness where strong willed people like you and Bro. Vin Odoh csn single handedly attract development in the village. I mean, Inwelle study and resource center would not have decided to be at Inyi were it not for the dogged and determined commitment of men like you and Vin odoh. Sometimes, i wonder of Vin Odoh and the strenght and longsuffering spirit that God has given him; and also of you and urge to fight on.

Let me thank Prof. Okechukwu and her team of experienced resource personnels like Ifeanyi Onah and others that i cannot remember their names; and also men like Titus Omema for being a blessing to us.It is a sign of the good things to come, and we are happy.
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