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 In the recent past, we have been inundated in the internet which has gone vile with pictures and sometimes videos of ladies paraded nude in public.  Ask anyone nearby what happened and you will be told she stole a blackberry phone.

 Handsets are no longer the exclusive preserve of any particular class in our society today.  I was in the market the other day and bought a low cost phone at a cost of N2,500.00.  I was shocked that the phone I bought for N2,500.00 has the capabilities and functions comparable to any of the high class phones.  It has a camera, memory card, slots for double sim cards, media player and above all you can browse with it.

 I keep wondering about the mad and inordinate urge to acquire a blackberry phone at the expense of ridiculing yourself, your family and anyone who knows you.  If the aforementioned china phone with so many functions can cost only N2,500.00, why must one desire to acquire a blackberry phone that costs so much when you don’t have the means to do that.

 Come to think of it what would be the fate of a spinster who was paraded nude in public and the picture circulated in the internet.  How many people would be keen to marry her again or her boyfriend ready to continue with the relationship after such ugly incident? Must we own a blackberry phone when we don’t have the resources to acquire one? Must we stoop so low as to steal a phone in order to be rated high by those we come in contact with?

 Bad as it is for any one especially a lady to steal, there is no moral or legal justification for anyone to strip any lady in public.  For crying out loud, we are not in a lawless country.  There is no section of the constitution  that says anybody be it a lady caught stealing should be stripped and paraded nude in public.  It is now common knowledge that some men see it as fun and would be at the forefront to carry out such a wicked act.

 As a man, have you ever imagined if the lady paraded nude is your own sister, girlfriend, wife or even your mother?  The golden rule says do unto others what you would want others do unto you.  If you wouldn’t be happy seeing that shameful insolence given to anyone close to you, please don’t do it to another person.

 Anyone caught stealing should be handed over to the Police for the law to take its course on the offender.  Equally our law enforcement agents should rise up to the challenge of arresting and prosecuting masterminds of such terrorism.  If the practice is halted immediately, it may one day graduate from parading nude to lynching.  For goodness sake we cannot afford a repeat of what happened at Aluu community in Rivers State.

 A curious mind may ask if it were only ladies that steal blackberry phones. What of the guys?  I keep pondering over that because I have never seen a picture of a guy or

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