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A Hermaphrodite seen in Sapele


The police in Sapele, yesterday, saved a hermaphrodite who is partly man and partly woman, from being lynched by a mob, when the figure suddenly showed up along New Ogorode road, by Total Filling Station, in Sapele.

An eye witness said the incident led to traffic jam along Sapele/Warri ever busy expressway and the New Ogorode road as commuters and drivers stopped to catch a glimpse. The fellow was completely naked, with hair covering most part of the body and a mustached face like a man but with a pair of big size breasts dangling on the chest as well as female and male private parts side by side in the pubic area.

Shortly the crowd began to swell as more people trooped in to catch a glimpse until some attempted to lynch the fellow but for the timely intervention of the police who arrived the scene and whisked the fellow away in a police car.

At the Sapele Police Area Office where he was taken, he identified himself as Pastor Henry Enuta but refused to disclose neither his mission nor why he was naked. All efforts to get words from him by newsmen failed as he only occasionally shook his head regrettably.

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