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Female Robber Caught and Stripped Naked in Abuja


We have heard news about women who steal mobile phones, and were stripped naked when they were caught, but this story is uncommon- A female robber striped naked.

 According to Zimbo, the lady you are seeing her picture is an alleged leader of robber gang, she was nabbed and stripped naked by an angry mob in Abuja- Nigeria.

 According to the source, they were five in number, but she ran out of luck as onlookers swooped  on them following   their attempt to rob another woman who was later identified as Obiageli.

 This incident happened at the Area 11 Traffic Light  where they were held by traffic as they were been chased. It happened at about 2:00pm.

 Among the team of five, she was the only one who was captured as the others were able to escape. Inside the ash coloured Nissan Sunny were loads of ATM cards, Passports of various persons, her bag contained “many phone” an eyewitness said

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9/25/2012 12:58:24 PM - fred,

Too bad a sight to behold. The world has really gone bad

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