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Angry Kenya coach promises Nigeria hell


Kenya’s Coach, Adel Amrouche, has broken his silence on being expelled from the World Cup qualifier against Nigeria in Calabar last Saturday with a promise to teach Eagles some football lessons in June, when the second leg of the encounter would be played.

He also spoke on his team’s amazing result which stretched the African Champion to its fullest only to conceed a goal in stoppage time to earn a 1–1 draw.

In the last minutes of the game, Coach Adel Amrouche was expelled by the Referee from Botswana on advise of the Fourth official and he said: “My team played the last 10 minutes without me; it is tough for any team playing like that.

I was asked to leave at the time they needed me most. My absence caused us a lot. “I was talking to my players and didn’t infringe on any other person’s territory.

Or is there any rule that says a coach cannot stand at the lines and talk to his players all through the game? It was a funny decision.” The pitch in Calabar was not marked properly and I was understandably excited coaching my first game. If I strayed onto the actual field, it was not intentional nor was for more than a few seconds.

In addition to this, I was never warned. To make matters worse during the game, the same official came to warn me on how to give my players water, insisting they should be the ones coming out for it.” Amourche thinks that he not being on the sideline at the end clearly cost his team the maximum points.

Nevertheless, he is quite happy with the score and his team’s performance saying that the return game in Kenya is going to be “very tough” and a virtual hell for Nigeria. He will make sure.

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