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Writing this tribute is one of the hardest tasks of my entire life.  From which point will I start writing and where will I end it. I sat down and went back on memory lane to the night of 16th February, 2014 when Izuchukwu was about being buried. You asked me if there was nothing we can do again and I answered you, there was nothing. You cried like a baby. I implored you to console your sister for that was my greatest concern at the moment.  Now if I must ask you, have you consoled her enough for it was barely five months ago?


What of your aged mother?  Both of you were fond of each other. To whose care have you left her? To the care of aggressors and belligerents? I don’t know.


What of your young family? To whose care have you left them? To the care of opportunists and freebooters whose stock in trade you know very well? I know not.


I am consoled by the fact that God sanctioned your death otherwise nothing could have killed you not even the incantations of the wicked and evil men.  You have died and you will not die again.  Death is an unavoidable portion of every mortal.  I leave you to the care of Mother Mary. May your soul rest in the bosom of the Almighty God who is the ultimate Judge. Adieu till we meet to part no more.

Kenneth Ugwu


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