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 The Enugu State Rural Electrification Board  (ENREB) since inception  has never been associated with such concrete achievements as obtained today under the dynamic leadership of Engr. Simon Atigwe.

 The Agency has now aroused public confidence judging by the increasing number of people and communities that daily call the office for one service or the other.  ENREB is now adjudged to have positively touched the lives of virtually all communities in Enugu State through her faithful implementation of the Physical Infrastructure and Rural Development component of the Four Point Agenda of His Excellency, Sullivan I. Chime.

 In appreciation of that, the General Manager of ENREB, Engr. Simon Atigwe has been nominated  for the National Pollars of Development Merit Award as the most outstanding  Chief Executive of Rural Development Agencies in Nigeria by Rajet Multiconcepts of Nigeria.  His nomination was based on scrutiny of rural development agencies in Nigeria and the results of public opinion poll conducted by the organization through its call for nomination.

 Electricity is considered one of the core agents of developments of our rural communities.  The present Administration at Lion Building, Enugu led by Barrister Sullivan Chime has not lost sight of that which informed the appointment of Engr. Atigwe, a go-getter, an achiever and a round peg in a round hole as the General Manager of Enugu State Rural Electrification Board. 

 Greater credit goes to His Excellency, the Governor and his Executive Council Members who approve for project implementations but  credit equally goes to Engr. Atigwe who knows how best to deliver, meet targets and deadlines with precision.

 In the last six years, the number of rural communities in Enugu State connected to the national grid is numerous.  A visit to most rural communities will reveal that new business outfits requiring electricity are springing up on daily basis. You can now get in typical rural community businesses like welding, ice block making,  hair dressing salons and beer palours where cold drinks are served.  With this development, decongestion of our cities is almost in sight and the impact of democracy dividends felt in all nooks and crannies of Enugu State.

 Some of the achievements of the Agency under Engr. Atigwe include: New Haven – Ugwogo Nike/Mbuluiyikwu Rural Electrification Project, Construction of 33KV Circuit Breaker at Thinkers Corner, Enugu, Nimbo – Opanda – Adani – Ogurugu – Uzo Uwani Electrification  Project,  Nachi ITC Network, Ezeagu Inter-town connection (ITC), Construction of Umuoka Rural Electrification Project, Aji Electricity Extension, Amaobota Ukana Electrification Project, Amoli and Enyimba Amoli Electrification Projects and Akpakwume/Nze Inter Town Electrification projects to mention just but a few.

 Like in the Holy Bible, Matthew Chapter 25:21, the good servant was told by the Master “Well done, good and faithful servant!. You have been faithful with a few things.  I will put you in charge of many things.  Come and share your master’s happiness”.

 People who performed creditably well in lower positions naturally are those considerable for higher positions in future.  We have come of age that opportunities should henceforth be given to people who have proved their mettle, people who are not selfish and who carried others along with them; for only such people can be trusted with greater responsibilities when it matters most.

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