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Expose my son’s killers, Cries mother of slain Kwara CP


Madam Veronica Asadu, mother of the slain Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Chinwike Asadu has been grieving over the brutal assassination of her son. She believes nothing would bring him back to life but a concerted effort to fish out his killers and bring them to justice could ameliorate the untold pains his exit has brought to the family. That too, is the general feeling of his compatriots, who believe the police owed them a duty to unravel the killing of their kinsman.

Since last Saturday night, March 2, 2013 when news of the gruesome killing of the former Kwara Police boss few metres to his Amorji, Nike residence, near Enugu was broken, Madam Asadu has been cast in a lake of pain and anguish. So also are the Asadus and the entire Amukwa, in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State. At the moment, the entire community and its residents are enveloped in grief following the sad incident.

According to the Sun,everyone is weeping and wishing that those who committed the dastard act would be brought to book as soon as possible. In the meantime, Madam Asadu is a shadow of herself having been weeping all day and even night as she is yet to come to terms that her prized jewel is gone. A family member, who did not want her name in print confirmed  that the distraught woman had been “weeping uncontrollably.” Like the Biblical Rachael, she refuses to be consoled because Chinwike is gone – felled by the assassins’ bullets.

“Mama has been weeping uncontrollably since news of her son’s death was broken to her. As you can see, she is yet to come to terms with the incident.”  There was clear evidence that his kinsmen had lost someone so dear as those seen were in pensive mood. The Asadu’s compound wore a mournful look. There was indeed grief in the air.

A lone woman sat with Madam Veronica in a sofa in the room and like a baby, consoling and giving her every soothing remedy she could apply to help her forget the incident at least in the interim and then move on. And it appeared that many relatives had been taking their turns to do so with the grief-striken woman. The entry of this reporter into the room appeared to have stirred the lake of pain in her heart or so it seemed as she broke into fists of weeping and wailing.

Not even one with a heart of stone could hold back tears as what appeared to be a video footage of her momentous past with her son seemed to play back itself. “What can I say? What can I say?” she continued to scream as she struggled to free herself from the throes of pain and anguish, sobbing and welling as rivulets of tears streamed down her wrinkled face. “What can I say? Someone please tell me,” she continued to scream refusing to be consoled. “Someone should tell those concerned to leave no stone unturned until they fish out my son’s killers.

I can not be consoled until those who have done this wicked act to me are found out. Oh me, this is simply wicked.” From childhood he had always exhibited an uncommon humility and honesty. He hated to see people quarreling and was always ever ready to come to the aid of the needy. He was innocent .Who had killed him for nothing? What can I say rather than tell God to expose my son’s killers,” the distraught mother cried out.

The death of the ex police chief is also attracting condemnation and curses from his kinsmen and friends who have joined in calling on the police authority to take urgent step to bring his killers to book just as they continue to extol his virtues. Chairman of Nsukka Town Union, Chief Austin Alumona, described the late Asadu as a rare gentleman who had the interest of others at heart more than his personal interest and described his death as a monumental loss. “He is a loss to the nation, Nsukka people in particular, Enugu State and the South-East in general.

The police found him a useful material hence, his elevation to the position he occupied before his death. For him to be so cheaply killed like a fly raises a serious concern on the nation’s security challenges. The Inspector-General, Deputy Inspector General came from other places, but the first and only commissioner of police we had was just killed so cheaply,” the chairman lamented, adding that the town was mobilising to show their anger to the nation. A prominent Nsukka community leader, Chief Paul Atanike described Asadu as a man “too good … His murder is one of organised high profile assassinations.

His killers trailed him to Enugu to give the impression that he was killed by his own people. “Let me assure you, nobody from even the entire South-East can have a hand in Asadu’s killing. After all, who knew him; he never hurt a fly. He was a man of peace who would forfeit his personal belongings to another person to make peace reign.” Ejike, Asadu’s younger brother seemed to be over-whelmed by his elder brother’s murder. He said: “We are keeping our fingers crossed and watching the police.”

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